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Pipeline Programs at the School of Medicine


The Pipeline Programs Office at the UC Riverside School of Medicine works to help students, from high school through college, address the distinctive and unique student needs at each step along their educational path toward careers in health and medicine.

While the programs are separate and distinct, they provide a seamless pathway for academic preparation and enrichment, preparing students for entry into medical training and ultimately residency, particularly in primary care and short-supply specialties.

Ultimately, the programs aim to bring greater diversity to the Inland Southern California healthcare workforce, which currently does not reflect the ethnic fabric of the region. Its activities, such as academic and career exploration, parental involvement and financial support, are specifically designed to enhance students' readiness for medical school.

What are Pipeline Programs?

School of Medicine pipeline programs are 10 unique programs designed to help students, ranging from high school through college graduates, who are preparing for careers in medicine and health. The programs, which can stand alone or build upon one another throughout their academic career, assist in recruiting, advising and mentoring these future health professionals.

The programs are overseen by or coordinated with the Pipeline Programs Office at the UCR School of Medicine.

The pipeline programs include:

The Pipeline Pathway

Our programs start with high school students, continue through the undergraduate education years, and culminate with post-graduation opportunities, all intended to help students toward careers in health and medicine, ideally in our Inland Southern California home.

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